Monday, March 14, 2011

Speak Truth To Power, Lose Your Job

P. J. Crowley of the State Department can tell you all about that. He was forced to "resign" by Obama after Crowley made negative public comments about Bradley Manning's imprisonment. Glenn Greenwald has details here and here.

Obama, contrary to his campaign promises, has been more vicious toward accused leakers than any president in history, including GeeDubya Bush. Manning is being made an example of, and all the rules of due process in the Constitution are being ignored in his detention. All you Obama enthusiasts out there: this is your wonderful president. Ah, the oh-dash-it-all of hope!


  1. Trying to get Democrats to realize the Obama fraud is like prying barnacles off a wreck.

  2. I've never pried barnacles, mandt, but if they're as tough to remove as reported, the analogy is apt. If Obama were merely a conservative Democrat, I could live with that. But as things are, any distinction between Obama and a GOPer is mighty hard for me to see.

  3. Steve,
    you might find this article interesting:



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