Monday, March 7, 2011

Quantico Or Abu Ghraib?

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio 10) has this to say about Quantico's abusive treatment of Pfc. Bradley Manning:


Is this Quantico or Abu Ghraib? Officials have confirmed the "non-punitive" stripping of an American soldier who has not been found guilty of any crime. This "non-punitive" action would be considered a violation of the Army Field Manual if used in an interrogation overseas. The justification for and purpose of this action certainly raises questions of "cruel and unusual punishment," and could constitute a potential violation of international law.


As of the last report available to me, Kucinich is still being given the run-around in his attempts to visit Pfc. Manning. But Kucinich has warned Secretary Gates in a letter that "[t]here will be consequences" for Manning's punishment absent trial and conviction. RawStory:


The Ohio Democrat suggested that there could even be legal consequences for Secretary Gates if he allowed the harsh treatment of Manning to continue. 

"I just want to say one thing if I had a chance to talk directly to Secretary Gates. He's at the end of his career, Secretary Gates. It would be a shame to have a blot on his record which suggests he suborned human rights violations," he said.

"There will be consequences under the law for Secretary Gates for continuing to be complicit in the way this soldier is being treated."

"I don't have any position on Mr. Manning's guilt or innocence, but the way he's being treated raises questions about the Pentagon and about Secretary Gates," Kucinich concluded.


And rightly there should be consequences. The U.S. Army does not exist for the implementation of someone's domination fantasies, and for all the necessary differences between UCMJ and civilian law, due process is due process... and it does not legitimately include physical and psychological abuse prior to conviction. Excuse me, I believe I hear that spinning noise again from the vicinity of our nation's founders' graves...


  1. American Gulag and too many folks think Obama is some noble and principled second coming of Marcus Aurelius.

  2. (mandt, this is the third try after I've lost this comment twice.) mandt, I don't know, but it's possible you would find a home lurking the threads of Firedoglake. Many of the denizens there have made the transitions y'all have... and I have... from Democrat to progressive to whatever you call us now... "liberal" seems inadequate, and the American political world doesn't seem ready for "socialist" yet (though I would never object if someone called me that).

    Back to topic, FDL's authors and commenters do not worship at Obama's feet, nor think him grandly principled. Many of them write well, and the dialog is generally civil. Maybe you'll find a home there; maybe not... but it's worth a look.

  3. Steve, I am a radical socialist and have no problem stating that Marxian analysis of advanced capitalism (via the 1840 essays) has been completely accurate. On social and cultural issues I tend to be more conservative, but that has to be likely explained by age and illness. You might be interested in reading Ted Rall's "Anti-American manifesto." ---an unfortunate and somewhat absurdly provocative title, but filled with nuggets. He also has a blog site worth an occasional visit. peace, m

  4. m - I have no basis for evaluating what you say, having not myself read Marx, but I know something is very, very wrong with the course capitalism has taken in America, and I have no basis for believing it will get any better. I was the proverbial small businessman for 20 years, and made a go of it, only to find that the bad guys are undercutting my plans for a minimally comfortable retirement... I never for a moment had any plans of becoming rich, only of retiring in reasonable security and helping out my friends when possible. Instead, the worst rascals America has to offer are shredding my retirement plans, and I can only hope against reason that I outlive my money. Damn the bastards to hell; I do not deserve this... and neither does anyone else!



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