Thursday, March 3, 2011

Madison Firefighters On Emergency Call Were Denied Capitol Access

This is surreal. A Madison police officer was stuck in an elevator in the Wisconsin Capitol. The Madison Fire Department was called. Firefighters arrived, not knowing the nature of the emergency. Other police officers guarding a door to the building, not knowing about the stuck police officer, prevented the firefighters from entering. Eventually the matter was straightened out, and the firefighters were admitted.

"We lost crucial time on a call we didn't know anything about," Madison firefighter Dave Trainor said.

Just how many reasons do Republans need before they understand that it is a bad idea to bar citizens, especially emergency responders, from their government's main building?

There is a craziness about such orders, and about behavior resulting from misunderstandings of such orders, that is difficult for me to fathom. Presumably neither the police nor the firefighters were stupid people; there are minimal qualifications for both jobs. But let a GOPer issue an ambiguous and probably illegal order to them, and look what happens.

Explain to me again... please... why Walker was elected?

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