Friday, March 18, 2011

The New Old Me

The photo I've used for years as a Blogger icon, gravatar, etc. was taken when I was in my mid-40s. Two decades later, I decided I needed a more recent image. I may keep this change, or I may revert to my "youthful" self; I don't know yet.

This is what I look like today. (Photo by Stella.)
UPDATE 3/21: Decided to revert. Sigh. Allow me my vanity.


  1. O my gosh, that looks like me! lol :)

  2. :-)

    mandt, Stella made me keep the sideburns, and I'd already decided to keep a bit of the beard and most of the mustache... I just detached them all from each other. Damn, I look respectable now! :-p

    The old pic of the young me tuning the harpsichord before a job at MFA Houston made sense as long as I spent any reasonable amount of time at the harpsichord. But regrettably I don't do that anymore... peripheral neuropathy rather wreaks havoc with keyboard instrument playing.

  3. Well this changes everything! :D!

    Actually not. Glad to find out I'm talking to a distinguished professor type....

  4. ellroon - :-) I'm still getting accustomed to the look. For three years, I simply let my hair grow, mostly as an economy measure. It was shoulder-length and wavy... but not attractive, believe me. So I went to my favorite cheap barber a few blocks from here, and fortunately she is still in business. The beard etc. I always tinker with myself, for better or worse.

    My late father could have been called Professor Bates, but I was never more than a mere grad assistant.



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