Thursday, March 3, 2011

Too Much Is Never Enough...

... for Wisconsin Republans. Having tightened capital building security to the point at which Democratic Assembly members had to set up their desks on the lawn to be able to meet with their constituents, having taken control of Democratic state senators' staffs (with the implied threat of firing them), having fined Democratic senators $100/day, having threatened to fire teachers and other essential employees in massive numbers, Wisconsin Republans have issued yet another ultimatum: return by 4 p.m. Central Time... or you're in contempt. The order to the Sergeant-at-Arms authorizes him to "take any and all necessary steps, with or without force, and with or without the assistance of law enforcement officers, by warrant or other legal process, as he may deem necessary in order to bring that senator to the Senate chambers so that the Senate may convene with a quorum of no less than 20 senators."

But the Dem senators are still in Illinois, where presumably the Sergeant-at-Arms's authorization carries no force under Illinois law. Do the Republans plan on bodily kidnapping the Democratic senators? I mean, that's exactly what Bush 43 or Obama would do...


  1. They better consider that the forced entry into a hotel room and the kidnapping would be YouTubed and the outrage viewed around the world in about 2.5 seconds afterwards.....

  2. ellroon, I know most cell phones... even my 3-year-old antique... have video capability; I just hope they have the capacity to transmit the video almost instantly, that being by far the more challenging task.



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