Thursday, March 17, 2011

Maybe I Should Have Sold It

Two young Hispanic men just came to my front door, pointing to my driveway and asking if I would be willing to sell my 1994 teal-colored Chevy Cavalier. Fool that I am, I politely told them no. Then again, it's what I drive, what I am able to drive with one working foot and one hand control, and I'm not really ready to spend a pile of money on something newer. But who knows when I'll have another opportunity to unload it.


  1. If you had sold it, it would have run forever and you would constantly see it zipping around.

    I should never have sold my 87 Toyota truck because they don't sell small trucks in the US any more, and my neighbor is still driving it and getting 30 mpg.

  2. Bryan, there's one thing in this car's favor: I know I can drive it. Yes, I can drive only short distances, to the grocer or the doctor, but still, I need to be able to do those things, and I can't spare $20k for a "new used car" right now. The Chevy works. Every so often it costs me a few hundred for repairs, but always much less than one payment on a car loan. Did I mention that I know I can drive it? with my big boot, my one good foot and an improvised hand control, I can drive it. That's important at this point!



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