Monday, March 28, 2011

Reason #90,824 Why I Am No Longer A Democrat

Democrats are being totally suckered by the GOP on the budget. Here's how David Dayen of FDL puts it:

I feel like US fiscal policy is trapped on some kind of treadmill. Democrats offer some level of budget cuts for the current fiscal year, Republicans reject anything less than what they’ve proposed, and then they put together a short-term stopgap with all of the Democrats’ cuts. The Democrats wind up agreeing, and the whole negotiation starts over again, with Democrats moving closer to the Republican position by offering yet more cuts.

Now we have the third offer from the Democrats, with $10 billion in cuts already enacted. They plan to offer $20 billion more.

You could make a case that the first $10 billion didn’t have a huge impact, as they went to programs already scheduled to be cut (I don’t totally subscribe to that). But the low-hanging fruit is gone. This $20 billion will hurt.

So they're halfway toward the GOP's original figure of $61 billion. This must end. I don't know if today's GOP sees some advantage in provoking an actual public revolution, but by trying to cut cutting essential government services, that seems to be what they are aiming for. And Democrats seem clueless as to what is happening to them in budget negotiations.

Who in Washington represents us? At present, I'd have to say "no one does."

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