Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cuccinelli Gave Money To 'Crisis Pregnancy Centers'

According to Mother Jones, Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli gave thousands of dollars to "crisis pregnancy centers" (anti-abortion advocacy centers) and took it off his taxes. From Mother Jones's Molly Redden:
... [C]risis pregnancy centers... [are] controversial facilities that counsel pregnant women against abortions. Abortion rights advocates have criticized crisis pregnancy centers for showing women graphic simulations of abortions, providing medical misinformation, and opening offices near abortion providers in the hopes that women will confuse the two. At one of the centers Cuccinelli supported, staff told women that abortion increases their chance of breast cancer and that abortion will "haunt" them for the rest of their lives. At another Cuccinelli-backed center, employees falsely told a New York Times reporter that Margaret Sanger, an early advocate for legal abortion, was a Nazi sympathizer.

Out in the real world, abortion does NOT cause breast cancer, women who have abortions by and large get on with their lives untroubled (let alone haunted) by their abortions, and Margaret Sanger... oh, just go read about her; she had her flaws, but Nazi sympathy was not among them. Even the names of such crisis pregnancy centers are dishonest: e.g., "AAA Women for Choice" is NOT pro-choice in the conventional sense. *

People like Cuccinelli don't belong in any aspect of government, let alone as governor of a state. Fortunately, a recent Rasmussen poll (see TPM) shows McAuliffe leading Cuccinelli 50% to 33%.

(Reminder: don't forget to vote. These are "off-year" elections in name only; they are every bit as important as presidential elections.)

* I have tried to use well-known major sources for information about abortion and breast cancer, and abortion and depression. If you want a different answer, you can find it in individual statements and papers by org's with an ax to grind... by the thousands of posts... but the articles linked above, in the American Cancer Society web site and Time online, reflect the overwhelming majority of scientific opinion.

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