Monday, October 7, 2013

Scalia Believes In The Devil

Quoting Scripture for
his own purpose
Kay Steiger at TPM points to a New York Magazine interview of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in which Scalia is quoted as whispering, "I even believe in the Devil."

Well, I'm not Catholic. I'm not even Christian... I'm a UU. But I believe in the Devil. He walks the face of this Earth. He looks like an overgrown Catholic choirboy, and indeed often wears robes, though appropriately enough for the Devil, his robes are black. He dyes his hair black. Sometimes during the day he sits on a bench and wreaks havoc in people's lives. Oh, yes, there's a Devil...

"My horns are THIS wide..."
Among current Supreme Court Justices, six
(Roberts, Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, Alito, Sotomayor) are Catholic and three (Ginsburg, Breyer, Kagan) are Jewish. Whatever effect it may or may not have on their judgments, the religious composition of the current Court is certainly far from reflective of the American population at large.

Sporting a devilish smirk...
Historically (see same wiki), the diversity of Justices by religion has been quite wide, even including over history nine Unitarians. Now their may as well be a clause in the Constitution forbidding Unitarian Universalists on the Court, as unlikely as it is that such would ever be confirmed by the religious bigots in the GOP caucus in Congress. But at least we can point to one Devil on the Court, and know that he believes in himself...


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    1. karmanot! It's really good to see you on the threads! I know you've been through some health difficulties (so have I), but I hope you won't be a stranger, as they say.

      Scalia? he's a real piece of work. He's the worst the Catholic Church has to offer, apparently without any element of the best it can offer. May he retire from the Court long before he departs this Earth.

  2. Thanks Steve----Never a stranger always a friend!



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