Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Opinion Or Dominion? Disjointing Or Anointing? Makeover Or Takeover? Ted Cruz's Dominionist Heritage

David Atkins (thereisnospoon) at Hullabaloo first alerted me to this in his post, Ted Cruz, King of the Seventh Mountain, but the basis of most of his information is an AlterNet article by Bruce Wilson, "Ted Cruz's Father Suggested His Son Is 'Anointed' to Bring About 'End Time Transfer of Wealth'," about a sermon delivered by Larry Huch, pastor of New Beginnings Church, an Irving, TX megachurch, and Rafael Cruz, Ted Cruz's father, back in August, 2012. Here's Wilson's introduction:
"The pastor [Huch] referred to Proverbs 13:22, a little while ago, which says that the wealth of the wicked is stored for the righteous. And it is through the kings, anointed to take dominion, that that transfer of wealth is going to occur." - Rafael Cruz, August 26, 2012
(Graphic added, not by Wilson.)
In a sermon last year at an Irving, Texas, megachurch that helped elect Ted Cruz to the United States Senate, Cruz' father Rafael Cruz indicated that his son was among the evangelical Christians who are anointed as "kings" to take control of all sectors of society, an agenda commonly referred to as the "Seven Mountains" mandate, and "bring the spoils of war to the priests", thus helping to bring about a prophesied "great transfer of wealth", from the "wicked" to righteous gentile believers. link to video of Rafael Cruz describing the "great transfer of wealth" and the role of anointed "kings" in various sectors of society, including government, who are to "bring the spoils of war to the priests".

Please read the (rather long) article all the way through. There is no mistaking the intention: what Rafael Cruz is talking about is nothing more nor less than overt revolution, overthrow of the secular government of the United States and replacement with a theocracy, in which Ted Cruz is one of seven "kings" of seven "mountains" (listed in the article, or visible [just barely] in the graphic above). If this notion doesn't frighten you, it should. More than just your freedom of religion is at stake, though there is no doubt that that is the Cruz family's target as well. Just read it.

Irving, TX is a small suburb of Dallas, a scary place with a street unofficially known both to locals and to other Texans as "Church Alley." You can drive literally for a couple of miles on Church Alley, passing one church after another. I've never counted them, or surveyed them by their religions, but if you are yourself "off-brand" (UU like me, or Jewish, or [Allah help you] Muslim), you may be inclined to accelerate for the last few blocks just to get out of the neighborhood. I advise against it: you don't want to meet their cops.

Further reading: for a broad context on proposed religious extremist takeovers of the United States, try Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale.


  1. Not to worry: I'm one of the other Kings and promise to be totally benevolent and basically awesome.

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