Sunday, October 6, 2013

Family Research Council 'Values Voters' — Dominionists — Talk Overthrow Or Secession

Phoenix Woman of FDL examines the FRC members most prominent among public figures, including some in or formerly in government and some currently in the military, and discusses the plans some are talking about publicly for overthrow of the US government or secession of some of the red states from the Union.

These Dominionists are people who want to establish by force a US government based on one or another version of Christian theology. Enough of them have loudly and publicly advocated a military takeover to force us to take them seriously.

So what is different now? what leads PW to bring up the subject? Follow some of the links in her post. It would be easy enough to dismiss the concerns if it weren't for the fact that some of these people are in a position to act on their rhetoric.


  1. And after establishing a 'Christian' nation, then will come the wars establishing WHICH Christian religion is the one true religion....

    1. ellroon, the problem is, by that time all of us non-Christians will have been lined up against a wall and shot. There is no fanatic more fanatical than a religious fanatic.



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