Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mozilla Lightning Crashes On Me

Lightning is the calendar add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird email/list/news client (even though the standalone version of Lightning is called Sunbird). Development ceased on Thunderbird something under a year ago, more-or-less in working condition, and Lightning stopped being maintained sometime after that, and not nearly as far along as Thunderbird was. So all the software is a bit old... and cranky. Old and cranky, sort of like me.

Yesterday and today I was pushing the bleeding-edge limits of RAM while shopping for a suitable Medicare plan (the gov't is open now, right?), opening a dozen or so windows in Firefox. I started up Thunderbird to check my mail and it did so without problem, except that the Lightning calendar window came up... with no scheduled events. And stayed that way.

Lightn... er, Sunbird?
Someone on a forum suggested a reinstall of Lightning in response to a similar problem, and the person with the problem got it working by doing exactly that. So I backed up the SQLite data and reinstalled Lightning. Nope; no good for me.

I am fortunate this happened after all those doc and clinic appointments. I believe I've lost only one appointment, and I know whom to call to find out when it is (sometime in November). Matters could have been worse. Well, except for staying up until 4:00am working on it (and also on getting Gmail going for Stella, but that didn't take long).

Firefox is such excellent software for a freebie; one would think Thunderbird/Lightning should be the same. But noooo...

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