Thursday, October 10, 2013

Even Heritage Action Opposes Conditioning Govt. Restart On Defunding Obamacare

This was bound to happen at some point: the CEO of a powerful conservative group, Heritage Action (related to Heritage Foundation... link is to wiki, not group website), announces his opposition to what the House is doing. It's not that they oppose defunding Obamacare (see graphic at right), but that they oppose tying that act to the threat of government default.

Via DSWright at FDL, from Howard Fineman at HuffPo:

Michael Needham, CEO of the powerful group Heritage Action, said that he opposed conditioning a crucial vote to increase the government's borrowing authority on the group's main goal: defunding Obamacare.

Under questioning at a breakfast with reporters, hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, Needham, a product of the Stanford Business School, conceded that failure to raise the debt ceiling would indeed disrupt the global economy.

I can't quite manage to put it in words of one syllable for the infantile Tea Partiers who need to understand this, but here it is, children, in words suitable for grownups: a default would be bad for all Americans and most people in the developed world, but it would be catastrophic for a central element of the Republican base... the business community. TPers: stand down before you fall down!

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