Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Oh, Great— 'Constitution' Truckers To Clog Roadways

Hunter Walker of TPMMuckraker:

'Constitution' Truckers Plan To Shut Down D.C. With Protest Convoy

A group billing itself as the "Independent Truckers of America" has vowed to flood the nation's roadways this weekend with a "Ride For The Constitution" in order to "save our nation" from "domestic enemies such as Barack Obama, John Kerry, Lindsay Graham and John McCain."

According to the Ride For The Constitution website, this "Truckers Shutdown" will feature "potentially hundreds of thousands of truckers and millions of citizens" converging Friday through Sunday on the nation's capital. There will also be affiliated rallies at rest areas and displays on highway overpasses. The faces of this event are a right wing radio host, outspoken gun activist and "libtard" hater Mark Kessler, as well as a former trucker who believes President Barack Obama is "a radical Islamist."

What could possibly go wrong?

(I have stripped the link to the truckers' web site because it starts immediately with audio that sounds like it might be a right-wing radio station. Go through the TPM article if you want to subject yourself to that; they have a link.)

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