Thursday, October 3, 2013

Double Whammy: Man Shoots Himself... In Walmart Checkout Line

How many bad things can a fellow do to himself in one day (not to omit the ladies, but most of them aren't this stupid)? A 21-year-old man seemed determined to find the answer to that question by direct experiment: he went to Walmart (mistake #1 — it's always a mistake to go to Walmart, though I understand some people in small towns have no choice) with a .40‑caliber pistol stuck in his waistband (mistake #2 — he had a carry permit, much good that did him); while waiting in the checkout line, he apparently allowed the gun to slip (mistake #3), grabbed for it (mistake #4) and shot himself in the leg (mistake #5).

No charges were filed. On the positive side, how often can you go to Walmart and not be charged?

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