Wednesday, October 2, 2013

La, La, La, La, Life Death Goes On

He's gonna lose the
same leg I did...
The feral gummint is shut down, but the gun bidness goes on as usual:
An Arizona woman died after she was accidentally shot Tuesday while being hugged by her boyfriend, according to a release from Phoenix police.

The release stated the victim's boyfriend, 18, had a handgun tucked in his waistband that caused his girlfriend, 24, discomfort as he hugged her. The gun then discharged and struck the victim as the boyfriend removed it.

The woman died after being transported to a local hospital, the release stated.
Just because I haven't been reporting accidental gun deaths daily doesn't mean they haven't been happening.

Meanwhile, Starbucks says if you aren't in law enforcement, please leave your gat at home when you're in their shops... and a poll says most customers cheer the request. After all, you never know when Gov. Goodhair, who thinks Obamacare is a criminal act, might walk in for a frappuccino™...

This is not about what you are or are not permitted to do; it's about allowing people like me a cup of coffee in peace, mostly free from the threat of shoot-outs. Ah, sanity!

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