Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Bastards Did It. Enough Is Enough

Quinnipiac poll shows substantial political damage to GOP

We all remember— well, at least Democrats remember— what happened in 1995-1996 to Clinton... and of course to Gingrich.

Murray: Republicans Refused To Go To Conference 18 Times. Democrats' fault? Really?

Watch Bernie Sanders on MSNBC.

Did Durbin just blink? Opinions differ.

Via NPR: Federal school lunch program has funds only through end of October. Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) would run out of money.

Krugman: The Economics and Politics of Chaos. Gotta read this one!

(Additional items will be posted here as I find them.)

Republicans are behaving like small children shrieking because they didn't get the toy they wanted. There's one difference, though... GOPers threaten to hold their breath until the voters turn Blue.

AFTERTHOUGHT: it was with due consideration that I labeled the GOP Teabaggers "bastards" in the post subject. It is not that I believe their parents aren't married, or that I would even care if they weren't. It is that there is no constitutional legitimacy to what they have done: the US Constitution provides no mechanism for repealing a law and passing a lot of other laws by blackmail or by forcibly shutting down the government. The GOPers' process is constitutionally illegitimate, plain and simple.

Henry Blodget of Business Insider says it well. He concludes:

The "Tea Party" Republicans are no longer even creating a pretense that their anti-American behavior is about debt or government spending — the issues they staked their last hijacking campaign on. Now, the "Tea Party" hijacking is based solely on their dislike of one law that many other Americans think doesn't go far enough.

America is a democracy. In democracies, people disagree about issues. They disagree, they make their best arguments, and then they do their jobs and move on.

The "Tea Party" Republicans aren't doing that.

They're disrupting and disgracing the entire country over a single pet cause that America has already voted into law.

That's not heroic.

It's not democratic.

And, despite what the "Tea Party" Republicans want you to think, it's also not patriotic.

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