Saturday, October 5, 2013

FBI Raids 2 Upscale Houston Homes, 1 Bryan, TX Apartment Re Purchase Of Chemicals For Making Gas

Ooooh, terra-ism in my very own neighborhood? Well, maybe. I'm trying to reserve judgment, but these incidents, one only perhaps 15-20 blocks from Our House ("next door" by Houston standards), are just too weird for words.

From the Houston Chronicle:
A federal law enforcement search of homes in upscale Houston neighborhoods Friday was prompted by the ordering of chemicals that could be used in the manufacture of some type of gas, according to an official.

Agents wearing Hazmat-type gear raided two homes in Houston and a third home in Bryan at about 9 a.m. [yesterday.]

The law enforcement source, who asked not to be identified, said the chemicals were not the type used in the manufacture of a traditional explosive.

The intent was "to make some sort of gas ... like tear gas or nerve gas," the source said.

The official said it was not known if any gas was ever produced or recovered.

The documents in the case were sealed, so there's not a lot of information. Apparently no one was arrested. All the news that the Comical saw fit to print seems to be from neighborhood gossip and the property tax rolls. The two Houston homes are owned by a local artist, and the apartment in Bryan is the residence of her son. I'm trying to figure out, presuming this is a put-up deal, just who benefits politically.

This has been your unofficial "be scared, be very scared" alert for the morning.

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