Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Note To Turtle-Face

Remember, when someone asked what your number one priority for America was?

Well, you failed, mofo! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Now, what are you going to do with your useless self? Maybe not obstruct reasonable attempts to improve America's awful situation?

No, of course not. You'll play politics-as-usual, asshole. It's the most we can expect of you. Ever.

However you feel about NYT editorials, you may want to read this one.


  1. OH my GODbama!! The choice of God!

    Republicans Lost:

    1. Good ones, Enfant! Thanks for your support in the course of the campaign.

      Rmoney is just plain wrong about that. Whatever things may be God's choice, in a proper democracy, the choice of leaders settles on the shoulders of plain, fallible humans like you and me. It is our lot to make wrong choices sometimes, and, one hopes, to learn from them. Having observed Republicans for a lifetime, I'm afraid I don't have much hope that they will learn anything from this defeat except "We need a still more conservative platform: double down on everything; spend twice as many millions of dollars next time." And Democrats did not win real power; that would have entailed capturing both houses of Congress. Doing anything useful for us will be very, very difficult for President Obama.

      Still, a very important principle has been established: no amount of spending on campaign ads can stuff a truly, deeply unsatisfactory candidate down the throats of the American body politic. That's a good thing to know!

    2. UNGENT
      right now!!

    3. URGENT
      demonstration dispersed



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