Friday, November 16, 2012

Priebus To Seek Another Term As RNC Chair

Which finger?
Via TPMLiveWire, according to CNN, Reince Priebus will run for reelection as chair of the Republican National Committee.

CNN did not say that his campaign slogan will be... wait for it...



  1. That was terrible, but you know that.

    What on earth would anyone want with that job? It would be like applying for a job on the Titanic ... after it hit the iceberg.

  2. I see your pun making faculties are as sharp as ever!

    Bryan I'm sure that there will be plenty who will want to be king of the midden.Perhaps one of the one day will pull the Republicans back to sanity...but there's not enough anti--psychotics and ECT machines in existence for that yet

    1. Bryan and jams, according to the wiki, the man pronounces his first name RHINEce, but I've never heard even one TV pundit say anything but "RINSE" on the air.

      I once heard the great violist da gamba Wieland Kuijken in recital with the equally great and now deceased harpsichordist Gustav Leonhardt. As we chatted with the artists after the concert, I said "Wieland," [all Dutch musicians seem to be on a first-name basis], "I'll ask the question if no one else does: how is your family name pronounced?" Wieland gave a sly grin and said, "Well, in Germany it's pronounced ****, in France, ^^^^, in Belgium, %%%%, and you know what it means? it means 'little chicken'!" Never once did he mention how his name was pronounced in Netherlands, but he did answer my question quite fully!

    2. Bryan, it may well be that the well-paid right-wing make-work jobs so plentiful in other times are on the scarce side today! A GOPer out of work... what a concept!



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