Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Pain, Insane, Stays Mainly In The Br... Aieeeee!

About 1½ hours ago, I was afflicted, first by a chill so deep I thought I was freezing to death (the room temp was 74°F), then by a "fevered" response (not really fevered) great enough to force me to put on a soft wool jacket over my regular clothes. This was not entirely a surprise; Stella had something like this last week. Meanwhile, a front is blowing through Houston, occasionally dropping some rain and mucking with the barometer, but not lowering the temp very much. I've experienced a similar reaction once before. Both feet hurt like hell, from the "chill" and from the "fever." It's all about my diabetic wound(s), only it's not.

I am scheduled to see my doc Tuesday. I don't need advice; he gives me that in plenty, and he's the most knowledgeable doc I've ever had. But damn, I wish the pain would slack off long enough for me to get some sleep; I didn't get much last night.

Stella, bless her, is preparing us a sandwich, a veggie BLT-plus-avocado. Normally it's a real treat. I'm crossing my fingers that the pleasure of the sandwich outweighs the pain of the...



  1. Sometimes that can happen as a result of sudden drop in blood pressure. Take my friend be well.

  2. I hope your tasty treat made you feel better. Here's hoping that you rapidly bounce back.

  3. I hope you feel better soon Steve an vBLT+A sounds like a great remedy!



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