Monday, November 5, 2012

Ryan Slashes At Obama's Religious Values

There is a tradition in American politics that we do not... publicly at least... fault an opponent for his religion. Of course our one (?) Muslim member of Congress has received no such courtesy, but for the most part, over most of my lifetime, only one presidential candidate... John F. Kennedy... has been called to account for his religion, Catholicism.

Now comes GOP veep candidate Paul Ryan one day before the election, wielding a baseball bat at Mr. Obama's religion (and it's not the first public mention criticizing his religion). From TPM's David Taintor:
Paul Ryan told a group of evangelicals Sunday night that President Obama has put America on a path that compromises the "Judeo-Christian, western-civilization values that made us such a great and exceptional nation in the first place," NBC News reports:

A Ryan campaign spokesman told NBC News about Ryan’s comments: "He was talking about issues like religious liberty and ObamaCare - topics he has mentioned frequently during the campaign."

NO, HE WAS NOT. That is not what Ryan was talking about. He was talking about Obama's religion, saying it "compromises [our] 'Judeo-Christian, western-civilization values.'" Only a certifiable idiot would be unable to understand that Paul Ryan was criticizing Obama's religion. And Ryan isn't... quite... stupid enough to qualify as an idiot.

Ryan set out intentionally to say something bad about Obama's spiritual life, contrary to America's tradition of not publicly faulting a candidate for his or her religion. And he did exactly what he set out to do.

Does this give me license to do the same to Rmoney and Ryan? Am I now entitled to light into Rmoney for his missions, his secrets of the temple and his funny underwear? How about Ryan... am I allowed now to talk about boy-buggery?

Shades of that pic of GeeDubya with a halo!

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