Thursday, November 1, 2012


Karl Rove has been out there (so to speak) predicting a Rmoney win. Is it just a pep talk to set expectations? Does he really believe it? Could it happen?

Sam Wang of Princeton Election Consortium, a.k.a. mindgeek at Kos, says it's a matter of national vs. state polls. Wang concludes this: "To put it into plain English: If state polls are accurate on the whole, then Obama will win."

For why this is so, and why it reflects the likelier case, and if you have a geeky disposition, read the Kos post. But do keep an eye on the Princeton numbers.

What will we see Tuesday? Hell if I know. Wang seems to think we'll see an Obama win. Only time will tell. But I do think Rove would be calling it for his candidate even if he didn't believe it. Some people are just born liars.

1 comment:

  1. I sense that Obama will win the Presidency, but lose the Congress. It will be the same o'l same old. It won't be a lame duck as much as a cooked goose for the Dem's.



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