Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Will AZ County Stop The Count? Shades Of Florida 2000!

People have been saying really bad things against Texas lately, mostly regarding our good-haired governor and his buddies spewing all the loose talk about secession. But at least we didn't have any of this shit:
One of the few unresolved congressional races in the nation could come down to whether voters in a heavily Latino precinct in Arizona get their ballots counted this week.

Backed by two high-powered lawyers, a supporter of Republican congressional candidate Martha McSally filed a lawsuit on Tuesday to get election authorities to halt counting of provisional ballots from a heavily Latino area of the state’s Cochise County.

The suit could be pivotal as McSally is trying to unseat Rep. Ron Barber (D) in southern Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District. At last count, McSally was trailing Barber by just 512 votes, but the lead had changed hands multiple times since election night.

Jim Nintzel of the Tucson Weekly reported that Barber campaign manager Jessica Floyd called the lawsuit an “active attempt by Martha McSally’s attorneys to disenfranchise voters in Cochise County.

Clearly Arizona GOPers want to enforce what I've always called the Republican Right to Rule: no matter the actual vote count, Republicans win. If they don't win at the ballot box, they win in the courts, but they always win, democracy be damned. Eternal vigilance lawyering is the price of liberty making sure your your vote is counted!


  1. This doesn't surprise me a bit. Arizona is the fascist Bavaria of America.

  2. However, it looks as if Arizona did stop or finish the count, just as you recommended, and it's in the news today (Nov 17) that Barber is now the official winner. and McSally has phoned to congratulate him. Another Democratic win dribbles in! Seems as if there've been a bunch of those.

    1. Thanks for the news, Carl; it's been a rough day and I hadn't noticed the announcement.

      The GOP has revealed itself... particularly in Arizona but in plenty of other places as well... to be willing to lie, cheat and steal us blind in order to take offices it did not win by legitimate ballot. Electronic voting systems make their task easier. Voter ID laws specifically contrived to interfere with the votes of people of color... once referred to as "minorities" but often enough, as in Texas, now having more than half the voters... have helped the thieves as well. All the skulduggery has got to be stopped... whatever it takes, by any means necessary, choose your favorite phrase. Democracy will be restored, or America will descend into electoral chaos.

      Simpler technologies and more straightforward procedures will help. A few conscience-free cheats sitting in jail cells serving long sentences would also help, IMHO.



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