Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Florida GOP Indeed Passed Voter Law With Explicit Purpose Of Suppressing Democratic Vote

Via Mustang Bobby, we have the news from the Palm Beach Post:
A new Florida law that contributed to long voter lines and caused some to abandon voting altogether was intentionally designed by Florida GOP staff and consultants to inhibit Democratic voters, former GOP officials and current GOP consultants have told The Palm Beach Post.

Republican leaders said in proposing the law that it was meant to save money and fight voter fraud. But a former GOP chairman and former Gov. Charlie Crist, both of whom have been ousted from the party, now say that fraud concerns were advanced only as subterfuge for the law’s main purpose: GOP victory.


(Read much of the rest at Bobby's place. There are no major surprises.)

So: after the great GOP election theft attempt failed, intraparty recriminations are proving to be their undoing.

GOOD! Damn them all to a Hell of their own making!


  1. This is wholly unexpected, as is the ineffectiveness of their attempts.

    1. Republicans are committed to a philosophy doomed to failure by its total refusal to acknowledge the fundamentals of human nature. Republicans are almost always annoying (or worse) but never unpredictable.

      I suppose we should be grateful. But it seems the only thing GOPers learn from their errors, even gigantic ones like this election, is that they must double down on their attempts to compel the education of the electorate in "facts" no sane person would remotely consider believing, in the first place or after extensive indoctrination. Here's the central tenet they seem unable to comprehend: Warmed-over shit is still shit.



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