Monday, November 26, 2012

Foot Note

The Boot
Lots of pain today. Thunderstorm front is coming through today into tonight; I'm a living, breathing, hurting barometer. Hardly slept last night. I'm maxed out on aspirin and somehow managing to make it through. When this happens... and sometimes it does just happen... my foot feels as if the boot doesn't fit at all. The boot does some damage to the side of the heel, aggravating the wounds; I'd leave the boot off but then I cannot walk at all, and there are limits to what I can avoid doing... and it's far from easy to get the boot off and on again. My foot has changed shape noticeably since the boot was made; on the whole, the foot looks healthier this way, but I have a feeling I may be having a new $kiloboot made before long. So far I have been free of infection (hardly a surprise given the horse pills I've been taking), but my doc says there is no guarantee of that going forward, and we're trying to find other options (no, thank you, we have plenty of ideas; we just haven't decided which would be best). Meanwhile, I'm going in sometime today for an unscheduled visit and a repacking of the wounds.
Eubie Blake

What was it Eubie Blake said? "If I'd known I was going to live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself." Yeah, that.


  1. "Old age is not for sissies" Ain't it the truth. I know you don't like pharma, but consider asking your doc for percoset. It works. Meanwhile healing and no pain vibs your way my friend.

    1. Thanks, my friend. The pain has diminished over the course of the day, and life is bearable again. Old age is definitely not for sissies!



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