Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ireland As Example: Woman, Non-Catholic, Miscarrying, Denied Abortion, Dies Of Septicemia

Via Echidne, this is where our own woman-murdering nut-jobs would take us... the Ohio legislature has a similar law in the works right now, a law that denies all abortions after the presence of a fetal heartbeat... all of them, not even to save the woman's life.

Apparently 31-year-old dentist Savita Halappanavar's death came from a denial of abortion that was not even in accord with Ireland's strict anti-abortion laws. Ohio's proposed laws (there are two) are stricter. The woman wasn't supposed to be allowed to die under Irish law. Under proposed Ohio law, she would be.

The goddamned motherfucking right-wing fundamentalists pushing this sort of thing in America are murderers of women. Murderers, pure and simple. An issue of "morality"? Please... don't make me sick.

The first "medical professional" in America who allows a woman to die under the terms of such a law should be put away for the rest of his or her life, without possibility of parole. Society deserves better. Women deserve better.


  1. Help me out, Steve: my calendar says "2012", not "1512" or "1012".

    What does yours say?

    Because I really, really wonder. I'm ready to consider leaving Texas, it has become so hostile to everything that I am and almost everyone that I care about (LGBT, non-white, non-male, non-xtian, educated, non-millionaire...yep, that's pretty much everyone I know).

    1. I hear you, Constance. And my calendar reads "2012" just as yours does.

      If I were younger, and more to the point, if I were not so physically fragile, I'd move. The problem is where to go. More than half the states have this sort of legislation pending. Canada? England? Aus? I believe they all have conservative governments now. And most Hispanic nations have bimodal economies, no real middle class. Within the US, I like the idea of Vermont; they have Bernie (regrettably aging) and Vermonters seem mostly sane... but I can't take real winters.

      The thing is, Texas is hostile to more than the list you gave. I am a native Texan, white, male, straight, (well, OK, I am not Christian), many of the things that in theory would make me fit in... and I am still on the outside of most circles here. Texas society is downright procrustean in its demands.

      But often enough my challenge is walking from one room to another or driving a car more than a couple miles or walking from handicapped parking to a grocery store, let alone around the store. My days of big, dramatic, life-altering moves are behind me. If you find a place with a government and a people that are more humane in their outlook, by all means, go there... you have a goodly portion of your life left to spend.

    2. Come to Northern California we will welcome you!

  2. Friends and I half joke about New Zealand (we're too pussified for Scandinavian winters). But two friends have a two year plan to move to Portland, and several of us are seriously considering caravaning with them. But Oregone voted down medical marijuana, so I'm thinking northern California myself. I have a sister on the Monterey peninsula and I want very much to trade in my migraine meds (especially the prednisone) for a couple of brownies every week. California's election results showed serious signs of sanity, and while I don't like cold much, I also wouldn't miss 100 degree months.



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