Thursday, November 1, 2012

Holy Toledo Faults Unholy Rmoney For His Lies About Chrysler And GM

Tell Chrysler and GM executives that after receiving bailouts they are now shifting US production to China, and they will politely call you an outright liar. They are contemplating building plants in China to produce cars for Chinese consumption... that's how the auto industry works these days... but they are shipping zero American autoworker jobs overseas; indeed, they are adding workers at plants in Toledo, OH. In an NYT article by Jim Ruttenberg and Jeremy W. Peters, GM spokesman Greg Martin called Rmoney's ad "cynical campaign politics at its worst." Who am I to disagree

The entire "moving jobs to China" meme, on which Rmoney refuses to back down, is a red herring. And it's been out there long enough to start to stink. This was bad enough when Rmoney's "cynical campaign politics" were merely pointed out in the Times. But when the incidents multiplied and the Rmoney campaign doubled down on its false accusation, it reached the editorial page, where the NYT... quite rightly in my opinion... had no kind words for the Governor:

Mr. Romney apparently plans to end his race as he began it: playing lowest-common-denominator politics, saying anything necessary to achieve power and blithely deceiving voters desperate for clarity and truth.

I couldn't have said it better myself. I suppose all politicians lie, but there are differences among them in what they do when they are caught. Several dozen times so far we have seen Rmoney caught in a "misstatement," to put it politely, and inevitably he simply repeats the lie, louder, in more ads, emails, etc.

Mr. Rmoney is a deeply dishonest man. This character flaw precedes his run for president (see the post immediately before this one), but whether or not it is new, it is an absolute disqualifier for the office he seeks. Political lies are one thing. Lies that interfere with a current administration's practice of diplomacy, lies that compromise the legitimate business successes of US firms abroad, and... briefly put... lies that harm Americans... are another thing altogether.

If you haven't already voted, please go on Nov. 6 to send Mr. Rmoney home, where he can presumably lie his magic underwear off without harming our nation.

AFTERTHOUGHT: I spent a couple of weeks in each of the summers of 1981, 1982 and 1983 in Ohio. A carload of Texans drove to Oberlin for the Baroque Performance Institute, an intensive three-week training course for professional musicians who perform on old instruments or exact copies of same... "early instruments" for "early music," meaning mostly the Baroque period. We took different routes in different years. I was mightily impressed; Ohio struck me as a very civilized place to live. Big cities like Cleveland are second to none (and I've explored a lot of cities) in opportunities to pursue the arts. Small cities like Canton have symphony orchestras of a quality not found in small-city Texas, that's for sure. I spent only one night in Columbus at the home of a friend, and another time I passed through Toledo and still another time Dayton, but they all struck me positively. Small towns are a marvel: Oberlin, of course; Alliance; Berea; Elyria; every one I saw was, from a human standpoint, a winner. All of this, and a Great Lakes coast almost as good as the open sea; Erie was nearest to our housing. In short, when you're messing with Ohio, you're messing with a part of our great nation that I love dearly. You'd best keep your Mitts off of it!

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