Sunday, November 4, 2012

Republican Projection: Registered GOP Voter In Nevada Arrested For Attempting To Vote Twice

This is almost too sweet for words. From PoliticusUSA:

A registered Republican was arrested by the FBI on Friday for trying to vote twice in Henderson, Nevada. Roxanne Rubin tried to vote twice at two different polling locations. At the second location, they checked her name in the database and her name came up as having already voted. Ms. Rubin tried to claim their database was wrong, and that she hadn’t voted. But they weren’t buying it.

An investigation ensued and she was arrested at the casino where she works on Friday.

As ye sow... or, as a lobbyist might say, too many ironies in the foyer...

How could anyone at this point in the Information Age be so foolish as even to attempt this? Did she think she could outrun the voting system network in her dash from one polling place to another? And why? As I've repeatedly observed, there's really no profit in voter fraud, not in money and not in enhancing your vote. Obviously I neglected to consider the simple fact that SOME REPUBLICANS ARE JUST PLAIN STOOPID...


  1. U.S. Elections: Will the Dead Vote and Voting Machines be Hacked?

    1. Enfant, for some reason they've taken the '-2' out of the URL, and it's now

      Off to read the article; back shortly...

    2. Enfant, I have great respect for Paul Craig Roberts notwithstanding his political past (if I recall, he was a Reagan administration official). Most of what he says is well-documented and known to me from things that happened in 2004. He makes one significant error: this election is NOT close. You see that group of six poll-reporting sites near the top of my sidebar (, FiveThirtyEight, etc.)? Click two or more of those. The popular vote may be close, but by now, the forecast electoral vote is a veritable rout in Obama's favor. These sites are based quite properly on state polls... as is the electoral college itself. If Rmoney wins, either all state polls have a systematic bias (mathematical, not human) or somebody's cheating. See my post before this one for info on how Rmoney's troops plan to steal Ohio. This election should NOT be close in the electoral vote! (Another article on the same site you sent me to says that Irish bookies are already paying off people who bet on Obama. That's confidence! [Perhaps too much confidence.])

    3. ΟK.
      I had not noticed.
      As you so often say, I'll click the poll-reporting sites later this evening..

      As you probably already know the "Business Insider" site is particularly hostile to Obama's re-election.

    4. Enfant, for what it's worth, my personal favorite is FiveThirtyEight, and not because they give the best numbers for Obama (I believe another site has that distinction) but because they have the best track record over a couple of presidential elections. Nate Silver dearly loves statistics (before this, he was a sports statistician) and has a clear understanding of what the tradeoffs are in various methods and approaches, what things are knowable and what things are not, and best of all, how to keep it simple.

  2. "too many ironies in the foyer." ROTFL



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