Sunday, November 4, 2012


It must be all but in the bag for Obama: according to two articles on TPM, GOP officials are laying the groundwork to blame Hurricane Sandy for distracting the electorate and allowing Obama to win.

Well, OK; whatever makes them feel better. If they are correct... if Obama actually wins, and miraculously the GOP theft attempt fails and Obama actually takes office... next time, the GOP could try running on actual issues advocating positions real Americans actually support. I'm just sayin'.

This isn't quite over yet. Be sure all your Dem friends have voted, then, if you live in a swing state, join a group keeping an eye on your local polls to make sure they don't steal us blind. (Of course if they use e-voting equipment, there's probably not much you can do.) Even if we win this one, we face a sort of brave new world, but I'll have more to say when this is nailed tighter than a coffin.

GOP SuperPAC Money to Burn
Slightly amusing afterthought: there is talk that much super-PAC money is being spent in these last three days in markets that are not really GOP-competitive. I mean, what are they going to do? If in fact Rmoney loses, the superPACs don't want to face their contributors that there was money unspent.

And contrary to popular images, even they don't have money to burn...




    Romney-Ryan: The Real Death Panel (Jamiol Cartoon)

    1. Sad but oh-so-true, Enfant. You've recently experienced a government willing to let people die rather than take much-needed action. I fear America may be about to do exactly the same thing. Even Obama's re-election is not a secure protection against this.

  2. Starting from this Wednesday's vote (Budget and Third Memorandum of 'Understanding') things will get much worse..

    1. I know it, Enfant. I am trembling, less in fear than in anger... and cold; I've got chills. I understand that the election cures nothing. But if Obama is NOT elected, things will be immeasurably worse. MUCH worse!

  3. Evil Empire

    1. Ryan as a superhero... perish the thought!



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