Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Networks are projecting that Obama has won a second term, and I believe they are correct... I don't see how Rmoney could win with the scraps that are left, even if Obama's 270+ has not yet been officially counted.

To paraphrase Tiny Tim, "Dog bless us every one!"

I know very well that not everyone who opposed Rmoney supported Obama. And I know President Obama is a man with serious flaws. We all... all progressives, liberals, whatever... have a ton of work to do to prevent more bad economic shit and set the country on the right footing. But I'll leave that until tomorrow. I never expected to be celebrating before midnight tonight.


  1. The BBC was hyping it here as a razor's edge election. Clearly it was a lot closer in terms of popular vote but a convincing win even without Florida declaring yet.

    Now Obama use these four years for something more constructive

    1. jams, our media did the same thing, because it is difficult to sell news without conflict. I don't know if you followed Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight (the name of the site is the total number of members in a full Congress these days, 100 senators and 438 representatives), but it would be difficult to read him regularly, contemplate his methods, absorb the impact of his numbers... simple stats, nothing fancy... and not realize that Obama would win solidly. The election was "close" compared to 2008 mainly because it would be difficult to top Obama's showing in 2008 with the best of fortune and any amount of money and ground game. That was a victory for the ages. This is a victory for the times.

  2. I went to 538 quite often. His analysis looked pretty well nigh spot on. I don't get Fox mercifully. I wonder how they spun the results!



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