Tuesday, November 6, 2012


  • Because it may make a difference;
  • Because if you don't, you may never get another chance;
  • Because someone has to stave off the madness thrust upon us primarily by our political opponents;
  • Because after Tuesday, there's no tomorrow; it's now or never;
  • Because the Lesser Evil may still contain some evil, but the Greater Evil will contain far more and far worse evil;
  • Because you can;
  • Because you owe it to your forebears, who bought this land for you with their blood and with their genius;
  • Because you owe it to your descendants, who will have to inhabit it as you leave it.
Those are only some of the many reasons every American citizen should vote. You know them all in your mind and in your heart; I don't have to tell them to you. But the knowing is no good at all without the voting. Don't wait around for perfect candidates. Just do it!

AFTERTHOUGHT: even as recently as yesterday, there is still evidence that an attempt is being made to steal Ohio's election through untested, uncertified "patches" to software installed on voting systems in 39 counties. As I've said before, electronic voting systems have exactly one legitimate place: the bottom of the ocean. Ohio is forecast by most polls to go to Obama by a few percentage points. If it does not, maybe it's time for an Ohio voting machine party.


  1. At least three states, Arizona, Iowa and Texas, have warned election observers they could be criminalized for being within one hundred feet of polling places.


  2. Becasue if you don't vote, you'll have no right to complain later . . .

  3. ALERT: 2012 Voting Machines Caught Altering Votes TODAY



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