Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy T-Day!

'T' can stand for turkey...

Not Suitable for Our House,
but maybe for Yours

... or tofu...

Fried Tofu with Lemon Grass
Kim Son is a Good Source in Houston

... or Tofurky™, a roastable... thing... shaped vaguely like a turkey, made mostly of tofu and intended to be roasted. We did one of those one year; it was a royal bother, but it was a convincing substitute for a dead bird (and the stuff in the middle is a fairly persuasive... um... stuffing):

Whole Paycheck carries them,
but you'd better get there early...
They're long gone by now!

Whatever you're... ah... stuffing yourself with, have a wonderful T-day, with family and friends! What are we doing? Well... with Catherine (see blogroll), we're going out to an utterly traditional Thanksgiving day meal (for us, at least): the buffet at India's, on Richmond, one of the best Indian restaurants in town, and always open on American holidays. Mmmmm, I can just taste the sag paneer now...

(Catherine is mere days back from more than two weeks in Morocco, where she tells us she took 7,000 pictures. I hope we're home before she starts showing them. :-) )


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I love Indian food and would definitely prefer it to what I'll be having tomorrow -- turkey on rye.


    1. Thanks, Mad; I intend to do just that! IIRC, India's has restaurants in Bombay, NYC, Washington DC, and... oddly... Houston, because the Indian population here is so large and (generally) prosperous. I've eaten at the one in DC, and it measures up in every way; I expect the same of the ones in the other cities. Treat yourself sometime!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Steve.

    Remember, you don't have to intend to eat a turkey to have one 'pine for the fjords', you could donate it or just let the cats have it. The important thing is to reduce the number of turkeys in the world. ;)

    1. Bryan, the cats got turkey today, out of a can, but I suppose the turkey is just as dead no matter how it is delivered! :-) Personally, I am most interested in reducing the number of turkeys in the American electorate, and if remotely possible, in the GOP. (I know... that's too much tp hope for!)



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