Friday, April 1, 2011

Does America Back Public Employee Unions? Or Governors? Overwhelmingly: Unions

Jon Walker of FDL has a table summarizing the results of a Gallup poll taken March 25-27, asking "With whom do Americans agree more - governors or state employee unions - in state disputes?". The results are enough to give one cause for rational hope. I derived the following table from Jon's table:
 Among adults nationwide:48%-39% unions
 Among women:50%-33% unions
 Among men:46%-45% unions
In the...
 East:52%-35% unions
 Midwest:47%-40% unions
 South:49%-30% unions
 West:44%-40% unions
 18-34:61%-27% unions (!!)
 35-54:43%-40% unions
 55+:45%-45% tie
 Republans:65% governors
 Independents:45%-40% unions
 Democrats:70%-19% unions
I think I see a trend here! The results among young people are particularly encouraging.

(My aperiodic reminder: "Republan" = "Republican" without the "ic". I'll stop using this pejorative version if and only if Republans stop saying "Democrat Party" like the late unlamented Joe McCarthy. An "ic" for an "ic"!)

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