Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why Blame The White House?

USA Toady headline:

White House fails to end impasse on federal budget

As usual, somebody needs to remind the Toady that it takes two to tangle...

Stella is a federal employee. Her agency underpins much-needed medical support for an entity which no one dares criticize. But with a government shutdown, that agency too will be undercut. As I've said before: the GOPers not only do not intend to govern, they intend not to govern.

Back in 1995 when Newtie did the same thing, the American people saw exactly who was at fault, and made the GOP pay in the next election for its hostile foolishness. What about this time?

AFTERTHOUGHT: The GOPers are like petulant small children: if they are not given what they want, they'll hold their breath until they turn blue the electorate turns blue.


  1. "not only do not intend to govern, they intend not to govern." In any other 'exceptional' fantasy land the above would be a 'clear and present danger' tantamount to treason against the federal government and at the very least anti-American and anti-democratic. When one of these bastards includes me in "The American people want....etc...." I am capable of violence. If I were a Theist that would require a visit to the 700 Club for some swift easy grace and forgiveness. lol

  2. mandt, I agree that Republans in Congress are operating outside the mandate of their constitutional duties and their oaths of office. But you have to put a lot of blame on Obama.

    Can you imagine, for example, LBJ putting up with the bullshit being slung by Boner & Co.? LBJ would have had their asses over a barrel in minutes. And he's not even my most admired Dem president, though he certainly was effective at getting his policies implemented.

    Obama... far more than the Dems in Congress... is a coward in the manner of a bully; he'll go along with his former CoS's assessment of liberals as "fucking retards" and mistreat his base, but kiss Republan's butts if they so much as make a loud noise. A truly good president would be able to discipline Congress in a way Obama never does.



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