Friday, April 22, 2011

If 'God' Be Against Us, Who Can Be For Us?

"God" in this case is Barack Obama, who said in public about PFC Bradley Manning that "he broke the law."

Well, maybe he did, although I'd feel better about that assertion if they, like, you know, tried Manning and convicted him before the President of the United States went around proclaiming his guilt...

In a just world, in a just nation, this alone would be grounds for a mistrial in all subsequent trials of accusations against Manning. But I suspect Obama has no intention of ever letting the question of Manning's guilt see the inside of a courtroom. He's just going to hold him forever, shuffling him from one detention facility to another to try to defuse public discontent over the manner of Manning's imprisonment. And the Pentagon has as much as admitted it. From the same FDL article by Michael Whitley:
As a reminder: the Pentagon plans to hold Manning indefinitely. Might as well, since they think he’s guilty already.
Follow the above link and read the quote from the Pentagon's lawyer at the press conference: they're planning on holding Manning
... for what we expect will be a longer period of pre-trial confinement...
... we are probably months off from the trial of this case.
Why? Manning has been imprisoned for most of a year. He has been charged with a laundry list of crimes, at least one of them capital, for several months. Why is the prosecution not prepared, after all this time, to try him? I can only conclude that "justice" is far from the object of this case. The word "persecution" comes to mind instead. And the real crime? defying the will of "God."

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