Wednesday, April 6, 2011

That Late-Night White House Budget Meeting

Apparently the budget meeting at the White House among Obama, Reid and Boehner has broken down, not because they can't approach an agreed-upon number on spending cuts (gack! read the numbers and be very afraid), but because Republans insist on riders incorporating their extreme right-wing social agenda: abortion restrictions, trashing of the EPA, and effectively axing the health care law.

I see this as paradoxically a sort of final exam on the Democratic Party: if GOPers get away with this, they can get away with anything, and we all might as well start looking for some place to emigrate. As of tonight, it appears Dems are fighting the good fight. But we all know from all-too-painful recent experience just what can happen to their resoluteness. Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. There's a rally planned in Columbus on Saturday and they're 20,000 is hoped for. I thought about going but they're using school busses and I gave those up long ago. This old gal needs her comfort. It could get ugly down there.

  2. If Obama were the next to last man on earth I wouldn't share my cat food with him!

  3. Kay - I've had to give up literally all my outdoor protest activities because they are all in locations I can't get to on an old-fashioned walker. I miss those events.

  4. mandt, considering what's in commercial cat food these days, and that thanks to the corporatists it's mostly uninspected, you might be healthier if you gave your can to Obama, and you and your cat just went hungry for a meal or two...



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