Monday, April 25, 2011

Newly Leaked Docs: Guantánamo 'Quite Simply A Mess'

The quote is from Obama, in May 2009 as reported on McClatchy in the article linked below.

The mess... well, if the WikiLeaks documents are valid, to say that Guantánamo has suffered mission creep is far too kind. Please read Amy Davidson in The New Yorker and Carol Rosenberg and Tom Lasseter of McClatchy. Americans, prepare to be embarrassed on behalf of your country, or perhaps even ashamed of it.


  1. It's way beyond embarrassed. It's a stab to the heart of democracy and Obama is continuing the criminality. It explains why he has airbrushed the Bush past by disabling the Justice Department.

  2. mandt, the more WikiLeaks leaks, the more things I see that should have been public in the first place. I doubt Richard Nixon started the practice of classifying every damned thing, and IIRC, a lot of that was done under Reagan, but GeeDubya Bush seems to have gone over the top, and Obama isn't doing much better. Government executed in secret is by its very nature not democratic government. And Gitmo should be a scandal in the minds of every American... I know I'm ashamed of it.



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