Friday, April 22, 2011

The Oh-Dash-It-All Of Hope

Found thanks to Avedon:

No, no, no! Please take it back to the kitchen. Perhaps I didn't make myself clear: I ordered the audacity of LEGITIMATE hope!

Of course I don't blame all those problems on Obama and the Dog-awful Congress he has to work with. But significant, systematic, effective, society-wide approaches to all those problems require government involvement and funding. Without that, there's no... um... hope.


  1. I'll have a little more America's Joyous Future please---easy over

  2. Don't worry, be happy! There really is a pony in the middle of all that manure!

    The deficit isn't going to be solved unless there are jobs and people paying taxes that can finance solutions.

    Put people to work and good things will happen. No jobs = No future.

  3. FG, your post seems de facto spam to me. I hope you don't have spam in your Fresh Garden.

    If I can manage to do so using Blogger's primitive comment interface, I shall replace your comment... same content, but no From information. That way, there won't be any spam value to it.

  4. Oh, come on....

  5. mandt - same for me, but I'd rather have it scrambled. :-)

  6. Bryan, I can't prove a causal relationship between today's hard times and all the problems listed in that sign, but I am personally convinced they are connected.

    I am also convinced that nonprofessional help, if that's what the church is offering, is unlikely to remedy the pathological behaviors listed (well, I suppose a church can help by providing a soup kitchen).

    But above all I am convinced that if our feral and state gummints don't somehow address the employment situation effectively, nothing else... nothing... can possibly help. It's jobs or else... and I don't think anyone really wants to contemplate the "else."



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