Wednesday, April 6, 2011

'This Is Not A Budget. This Is A Cause.'

Thus spake The Lord, um, I mean, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Ideology). Paul Krugman says Ryan must believe in unicorns, and examines the utter impossibility of the numbers in Ryan's "plan," e.g. the assertion that unemployment will drop by 2015 to levels not seen since the Clinton boom years and eventually within a decade to less than 3 percent. Read Krugman for more quixotic dreams in Ryan's "plan," and why it is bad for senior citizens.

The problem with causes is that their adherents are often True Believers, and little matters like numbers that are on their face impossible don't bother True Believers. If Democrats don't grind up this plan like the sausage meat it is, then we are all lost.

In this household, we are anticipating a government shutdown with serious concern; the only working member of the household works for the feral guvmint. But I cannot help thinking that the shutdown will in fact be blamed by the public on the Republans, and that they will pay for it in next year's election. Remember 1995 and Newtie Gingrich!


  1. I live on social security and a half-time gov. job. The retirement fund was wiped out during the end of the Bush Administration. I join the ranks of very pissed off seniors who will soon turn on both Dinos and Rinos. If my cane had a rocket launcher I'd be on the front line and do a 'senior' 'Hell' Mary.

  2. mandt, IIRC, that retirement fund was borrowed against, not stolen from, and SocSec, even unchanged, is slated to remain solvent for another 25-27 years depending on who's talking. Could the "Dinos and Rinos" still steal it from us? Well, yes, if they can dodge our canes well enough to live long enough to vote to do it. Personally I think it's something neither party, nor both together, can get away with doing without triggering massive civil disobedience or worse.

    I live on my savings. With luck, the gov shutdown will be brief enough that I can apply for SocSec soon; I am now old enough.



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