Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Indiana Legislature Votes To Force Doctors To Read False Medical Info To Women

It is difficult to believe that a legislative body can invade your doctor's office and force him or her to read a script containing medical information that is not only blatantly false but has been disproved in multiple studies, but they are doing just that to Indiana women. A Democrat in the legislature introduced an amendment to require that the forced script at least be required to contain the most accurate current medical information; Republans defeated that amendment.

I'm sorry, but this is just plain wrong. Government intervention in medical decisions, especially intervention liable to be detrimental to the patient's wellbeing, is outside the pale.

Rachel Maddow has the details:

H/T Mustang Bobby.

ADDENDUM: Maddow mentions near the end of the above segment her interview with State Rep. Scott Randolph. That does not actually come next in the video above, but it can be found here. In turn, in that video, Rachel mentions a URL put up by the ACLU, IncorporateMyUterus.com, referring to the line that got Rep. Randolph chastised by the GOPers in the Florida legislature. Both videos are short and well worth your time.


  1. Page 4, paragraph 3, footnote 5: That icky thing cannot be called a vagina or a uterus on the floor of the house or senate. My god, what sick, perverted old farts. It's hard to imagine what kind of women they marry.

  2. And the GOP in Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan wonder why people of these states are trying to get rid of their stupidity . . .

    @mandt: I broke up with a guy who I really cared about because, while I allow everyone their point of view, I couldn't deal with the rhetoric anymore. I personally don't believe in abortion but I never suffered an unwanted or high risk pregnancy either so I can't impose my morality on another woman. In fact, my children are miracles as a doctor told me long ago that I'd never be able bear a child.

  3. mandt, the words "arrogant" and "presumptuous" come to mind. "Sexist" is in there, too, but that one carries such a variety of meanings and behaviors that it's not specific enough. I agree: why in the world would any woman put up with that degree of disrespect? Being life partners is difficult enough without having to reckon with a lack of respect in either direction.

  4. Kay, there used to be a slogan at Planned Parenthood probably two decades ago: "Every child a wanted child." Having occasionally seen the consequences of child abuse and/or spousal abuse, I can only applaud the idea. You are very fortunate to have the children you wanted, and none that you didn't want. Many women are not so fortunate.

  5. Kay, don't usually cross talk, but agree that every child is a miracle and deserves a rich and nurturing childhood. Your kids are lucky to have a mom like you.

  6. mandt - indeed, Kay's kids are lucky.



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