Friday, April 15, 2011

Lady Liberty Goes Postal

Well, actually, her smaller replica in Las Vegas goes postal, the portrait of the Vegas Liberty look-alike having been used by mistake in a new series of stamps. But hey, it's a small sacrifice for the privilege of having a privatized post office, and there's a rumor that the Vegas Liberty will be fitted with an Invisible Hand of the Market...

Maybe they need a new slogan for this series: "You Can Bet On Our Liberty!" Nah. If only it were so...


  1. Maybe the Postal Service learned that the original is going to be sold to "reduce the deficit".

    Selling assets is a common Republicant practice.

  2. Headline: "Lady Liberty Selling Her Assets to Feed the Kids". Hey, we live in desperate times...

  3. It's a good design and composition, recognizable, so why should we care if it's more like the Las Vegas one? Good grief.

  4. ellroon, the symbolism of using the Vegas Liberty is just too precious to pass up. Here's another slogan for you:

    "Take a gamble... send it USPS!"

    I just sold some of a mutual fund (that's what I live on at the moment) for an amount with, for me, a decent number of zeros on the end. The brokerage sent the check to my PO Box by USPS (that, regrettably, is your only option if you have a PO Box) from Kingwood, a neighborhood on the northern edge of Houston. The check arrived TWO WEEKS TO THE DAY after the recorded date it was mailed. I of course had long since had my brokerage cancel that check and issue me another, which I picked up in person at one of their branch offices.

    This PO Box has had other problems. Sometimes, for a week or two at a stretch, NOTHING appears in my box, not even the anticipated omnipresent junk mail. In the early years I had this box, when these mail voids happened, I used to joke that the FBI was monitoring my mail. Now I know it's more likely the No Such Agency, and that it's no joke.

    The only thing I know with worse reliability than mail to my PO Box is mail to my home. Don't get me started about the things the letter carrier has failed to deliver, or delivered to my neighbors, or refused to pick up from my mail slot as outgoing mail. Now THOSE people should truly lose their jobs! I no longer have anything sent to my home address.

  5. Gah, Steve. What a effing pain in the whatzit. Luckily we haven't had such problems with our mail delivery, but I will still take our large bill payments down to the Post Office just to be safe. Our poor mail guy just had his route expanded, more to carry, more to organize. You can see why going postal is a verb...



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