Saturday, April 16, 2011

Is Pelosi The Target Of An Obama (Political, Metaphorical) Hit?

What a headline. But considering that Obama has used executive orders to put out contracts for the assassination of American citizens, I felt the words in paren's were necessary to clarify that I am not suggesting that Obama is literally trying to kill Pelosi. We live in strange times when such clarifications are necessary.

OK, on to the specifics: Phoenix Woman of FDL believes the answer is Yes, and points to evidence of many recent anti-Pelosi columns in Politico, the WaPo, and even the usually more reliable McClatchy (see PW's post for links), articles asserting that Pelosi's power is waning, which (as PW demonstrates in still more links) is manifestly not true.

So where does all the apparent bullshit come from? PW thinks it's probably from the Obama White House itself:

My guess is that this may well be coming from the Obama White House. Why? Because she’s one of the few things that’s standing between him and his total destruction of any reason to vote Democratic over Republican. She has to be neutralized so he can successfully embed his plan to destroy Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security as a Democratic Party platform plank. He’s already pushing a Republican budget plan as the furthestmost “left” of all possible plans (and there’s already a plan endorsed by Conservadem Claire McCaskill and her Republican buddy Bob Corker that’s even worse) — what happens should Pelosi work to stop it in its tracks and replace it with a much better plan, as she tried to do with the Ryan plan two weeks ago?
And a paragraph later, this sentence:

... Yet Obama is busily undercutting any stand-fast messaging Pelosi and other real Democrats might attempt: ...

I don't often quote Stella on political matters; she has her own (mostly nonpolitical) blog if she wants to speak her mind. But I'll make an exception to this extent: Stella is one of the first people I know, early in Obama's term, to proclaim without reservation, "Obama is a Republican." No qualifiers, no hedges, just "he's a Republican." For some time now I've believed she is right.

Can Pelosi save the Democratic Party from its own worst excesses, whose names are Obama and Biden? Or will she become merely another of Obama's victims in the cause of political expediency? Sit right here while I pop some popcorn; at the very least, this should be entertaining.


  1. Obama is Clinton's type of Republican! snark, snark

  2. mandt - I have some residual respect for Clinton (Bill at least), not that I liked him, not that he didn't do enough New-Democrat things to annoy the bejezus out of me, but he, unlike Obama, lacked the motivation to destroy the most fundamental principles of the Democratic Party.

    Obama, OTOH, is just plain not one of us, even for a very broad construction of "us" that includes Old Democrats of a decade or two ago.



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