Thursday, April 21, 2011

PolitiFact Destroys Its Own Credibility On GOP's Ending Medicare

This is so transparent that bugs bounce off it as they try to pass through. TPM's Brian Beutler:

If Democrats proposed to turn Medicare into a system that only provided free veterinary services to seniors, would Republicans be lying to say Dems wanted to "end Medicare," without including the caveat "as we know it"?

Of course not. But that's more or less the charge PolitiFact is leveling at Democrats over a new DCCC ad (below) which flatly charges Republicans with proposing to "end Medicare."...

Republicans call this new health insurance system "Medicare." But it's a completely different program from today's Medicare. PolitiFact doesn't see it that way.

"But to say the Republicans voted to end Medicare, as the ad does, is a major exaggeration," PolitiFact writes. "All seniors would continue to be offered coverage under the proposal, and the program's budget would increase every year." 


Indeed, seniors would be provided vouchers to pay for private medical insurance, and those vouchers would increase annually... by nowhere nearly enough to keep up with rising medical costs. This is just another way of murdering seniors, slowly, by financial starvation. It's the GOP way; it's who the GOPers are, right down to the bone.

As for PolitiFucked, if we could co-opt Harry Potter to turn a horse into a rattlesnake, would they still call it a horse and try to ride it? IMHO, PF's credibility, never all that great, just took a significant hit.

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