Thursday, April 7, 2011

Real Reason For Looming Government Shutdown: Abortion, Environment

I'm tired of typing; read these guys instead. Brian Beutler of TPM and David Dayen of FDL have both done a good job of explaining how the Tea-Nutcakes takeover of the GOP will shut down government services tomorrow: they don't like women making their own decisions, and they want a free hand in destroying the environment. Simple, no? and so very, very related to the budget...

Oh, and Boner is still moving the goal posts: the latest change is from a tentatively agreed-upon $33bn spending cut (ack!) to what now appears to be a $45bn cut.

I am starting to entertain fantasies which a person who has been committed for decades to nonviolent means really doesn't want to think about. Grrrr...

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