Friday, April 1, 2011

Jeebus! Huckabee Wants Us Proselytized... At Gunpoint

I'm not kidding. Watch the video at RightWingWatch. H/T Mustang Bobby. If ever you mistook Huckabee for a moderate, this should disabuse you of that notion.


  1. I have read reports that Mr. Hukabee would love to see an America run according to Biblical other words (My opinion only, folks)..a Right-Wing-Dominated Theocratic National Socialism of some kind. However, take heart! I think the American People (All the American People and not just the "Real" Americans that Sarah Palin spoke of) are smarter than to fall for more "Family and Moral Values" rhetoric. We saw the result of that with the Bush years. Hukabee may be a contender, but when you look at the entire proposed slate on the right side of the aisle, you get the idea that there isn't one serious contender in the bunch.

  2. Welcome, John! I like what I see on your blog.

    Huckabee is no doubt an absolutist theocrat. The fact that on occasion he actually admits to mistakes does not make up for that, but it does give him the false aura of a "moderate" by Republan [sic] standards. You are most certainly right that there's not a winner in the bunch in today's GOP presidential rat race, but that doesn't mean we won't end up with a GOPer for prez in 2012, and their lack of viable candidates assures that they will do anything... anything... to spoil sorely needed efforts toward actual governing in Obama's remaining two years. Of course, if you've read this blog before, you've seen my laments about Obama; these are dark times for liberals.



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