Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Beltway's War On Every Damned One Of Us

Scarecrow of FDL presents in her [his?] post "Dear America: You and Your Future Are Under Siege" just how the consequences of today's "politics" ... hardly an adequate word for it... lay waste to everything ordinary Americans hold dear, everything they need to live, thrive and fend off threats to their personal futures. This is a difficult read; I recommend waiting until you've had your morning coffee. But everyone needs to see and internalize the basics of Scarecrow's exploration of exactly what we're facing. It is frightening and far more threatening than any terrorists distributing bombs or poisons or flying aircraft into buildings could possibly be. If there is to be any hope, we'd better be about comprehending everything there is to know about this threat, including how inevitable the confrontation is. Begin by reading Scarecrow's post. Twice.


  1. I share your pain and I help but think that I am going to be a victim of the 'death panels' Palin predicted but failed to tell us that the authors would be her own party. Won't all the old Tea Partyers be surprised when Boehner et al steal their Social Security?

  2. Kay, I suppose it's always a question whether the Republans believe in the economic claptrap they (and Obama) spout, or whether they know full well it's a complete scam for taking the taxpayer. I believe the latter: basic economics is just not that hard, and it shouldn't take a great intellect to comprehend that a family budget and a government budget have little in common with each other.

    Quite a few people still alive from the 1930s could tell you what happened; they know full well what would have happened if FDR had continued to follow the path of Hoover rather than reversing course. But many people alive today haven't a clue, and the GOPers play on that ignorance, to the great advantage of their paying clients. "We're broke"? MFA! Does the government still have a printing press and taxing authority? yes and yes? then the hell it's broke!



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