Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yet Another Community Takes Offense At Walker: Law Enforcement

If Scott Walker intends to be a practitioner of evil, he's going to have to get a lot better at a number of things, and one of them is keeping his foolish mouth shut. What community is now offended by Walker's intended actions? Law enforcement, because of Walker's remarks to "David Koch" about how he "thought about" planting agents provocateurs in the crowds at the Capital to stir up trouble which he could then move against.

This is deplorable in several ways. First, though Walker as Governor is presumably the state's highest law enforcement official, he is proposing initiating illegal actions. Second, any trouble he stirred up might well endanger police, peaceful protesters, staff and legislators of both parties... remember, Democratic House members are still present... going about their business in the Capital, and state property within the Capital. Third, believe me, the police officers don't need the trouble, and I am confident they appreciate the nonviolence of the protests to date.* If all of those aren't grounds for a recall of Walker when all of this blows over, I don't know what would be.

*  Back in my antiwar-protesting days in 2003, occasionally after the event a police officer would escort departing protesters to our parking lot a block away... not that we were any trouble; he was just doing his job of protecting us from some of the Freepers who occasionally showed up with bad intentions.

MINOR CORRECTION: In Wisconsin, they call it the Assembly, not the House. Please read as such, above and elsewhere that I typed House.


  1. The use of agents provocateurs could generate an "inciting to riot" charge. There are just too many cameras and too many web cams for anyone starting trouble to escape arrest and trial.

    The local cops have been working with the protesters and keeping things under control. They would have developed a feel for who belonged and who was trouble. If it was tried it would blow-up in the Koch fiends faces.

  2. Bryan, Walker proudly pointed to having backed away from the idea (clearly a lie, if he talked with "Koch" about it). But after that stunt in the Assembly last night, I wouldn't put anything past them. Who knows; in the long run, all his bad behavior may indirectly help all of us who promote progressive values.



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