Saturday, February 12, 2011

Conspiracy To Destroy Everyone And Everything

I'll let Glenn Greenwald detail it; this is too much for me. Be sure to follow at least his link to the relevant Salon editorial. And if you're reading this in the morning, set down your coffee first.

AFTERTHOUGHT:  If you haven't had your fill of conspiracy mania, and want to read about how the war on terror(ism) is conducted in real life, take a look at a Washington Post project (linked by Greenwald) called Top Secret America. Never have so many spent so much money surveilling so many people to so little effect...


  1. Not much surprises me anymore. We're both probably on a list somewhere. I feel sorry for them if they're watching me. They'll die of boredom. I look at this stuff and it reminds me of this basic truth:

    You're not paranoid if they really are out to get you.

  2. You know, Kay, the whole notion of a surveillance state is so antithetical to the concepts on which the United States was founded as to make me certain that the whirring noise I hear at night is that of our founders spinning in their graves.

    If America is so fragile that the only way to "save" it is for a few hundred or a few thousand people to track every act and every statement of the rest of our millions of citizens, then I say it's time to let it go: a nation that requires constant intimate surveillance is a nation that will collapse if it is tapped on its metaphorical shoulder.

    To the spirits of George, Tom, Benjamin, James, Alexander, John and Abigail, etc., I say "your descendants have fucked it up; better luck next time."

  3. Amen!! The older I get the more cynical I get and I am so not surprised that any of this crap is happening. If they're reading my blog, I don't care. At least that means that someone is. I haven't incited any violence and my rhetoric isn't anywhere as nasty as Bill O'Reilly's.



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