Saturday, February 19, 2011

News Flash: John Boehner Is An Asshole


House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is accusing President Obama of using his political organization to "demagogue" the efforts of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and other GOP governors who are curbing the bargaining rights of public employees in the name of balancing the budget. 


Boehner also invoked the recent unrest in Greece over that country's foundering economy. 

"When the American people watched the people of Greece take to the streets to protest cuts to unsustainable government programs, they worried it might foreshadow events in our nation's distant future - but today, we see the same sort of protests on the streets of Madison, fueled by President Obama's own political machine," he said. 


We knew Boehner could cry, but who knew he could whine like a beaten dog? Yes, of course, Mr. Stupid, our people can take to the streets right now in the face of naked malfeasance by their governors. Who's gonna stop 'em... you? Don't make me laugh.


  1. Boehner makes me embarassed to say I'm from Ohio. That said, I grew up in NW Ohio and went to high school and college and live in NE Ohio and there's a BIG difference between northern and southern Ohioans like Boehner.



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